Letters, manuals, magazines, ebooks and many other documents can be stored as PDF to be able to transfer and read it everywhere.

This is also possible with iPad.

The PDF format is omnipresent. It will be used for manuals like letters or pamphlets. Pure text files are not sufficient and should be readable, nevertheless, possibly everywhere. The many-sided format was developed to store independently of platform all possible documents in the original layout, so that one can transfer ebooks easily or put it into archives. For opening you need only the PDF reader which is used on every operation system.

Get a PDF as an e-mail or load it with safari from the web, it can be indicated directly in the iOS-Apps.

More comfort while reading and collecting of PDFs offers apples free app iBooks.
You can generate with iPad your own PDFs to transfer office documents or to store it. Even the remarks in PDFs can be read in the reader on Mac and PC without problems.

We will show how it works.