These days it is very simple to find and read the book online.

Because we have ebooks or e-books now.

Just one click an you are able to download almost every ebook in the world usually in pdf format on your tablet like Ipad with iOS or Galaxy Tab with Android operation system on it.

Many ebooks are absolutely free to download.


The ebook (also code) is one with a connection and mostly also with ebook cover (envelope) provided collection from printed, described, painted or also empty sheets from paper or other suitable materials. According to Unesco definition are (for statistics) ebooks Non-periodical publications with an extent of 49 sides or more. UNESCO fixed in 1995 23rd of April as a world day of the ebook.

Besides, single works or big text segments which are concluded in themselves are called e-book, in particular if they are a part of a tape. This is above all with antique works which exist of zusammengeh?rigen collections of ebooks, the case – examples for this are the Bible and other normative religious holy writings, Aeneid as well as various antique and medieval historical works.

One calls electronically stored ebook texts digital ebooks (in English e-book). Another modern variation of the ebook is the audio ebook.

The oldest precursors of the ebook were the papyrus scrolls of the Egyptians from whom the oldest known copies come from the 3rd millennium B.C. (See also history of the writing, Old-Egyptian literature and list of the papyri of old Egypt).

The Greeks and Romans took over the papyrus scrolls, until removed from the 1st century bit by bit of the Codex. The Codex passed greaseproof paper of several situations, on two sides consecutively described in the middle were folded and were fastened with a thread each other. Only late the sides were bound and provided with a firm envelope. The Codex is the immediate precursor of our today’s ebook.

From the 14th century the greaseproof paper was substituted bit by bit with the cheaper and paper to be produced much easier. The first paper mill in Germany was of the Ulman a rover in Nuremberg in 1390. After the invention of the letterpress (approx. in 1450) by Johannes Gutenberg up to 1500 to printed ebooks become incunabulum or incunabulum (from the time when the letterpress still lay in the cradle) called. In the letterpress revolution the output multiplied in ebooks in Europe.

The concept ebook is derived from the name of the type of tree Beech, probably because of the “letters” carved in beech blocks. Also the Latin word “Codex” means “block”.

In Korea the letterpress with movable characters from metal was developed about 200 years before Johannes Gutenberg’s invention in Europe, however, presumably as an advancement of Chinese printing with sound characters, remained a little used.

The quick spreading of the new technology in whole Europe and the steady improvement and advancement of the letterpress and the production of paper made the ebook the mass product what became an essential condition for the Reformation and later for the clarification. Know became the common property in the West.

Writing and picture were in the ebook of the Middle Ages a unity. Artists of Bauhaus created in the 20th century ebooks of high formative level which are to be added to the area of Pressure graphics. These artist’s ebooks appear in small limited editions.

The digital pressure permits with ebook-on-Demand editions in conventional ebook form (paperback, hard cover) from a copy upward. For a few years some service providers offer the production of photo ebooks on the Internet, then these can be ordered individually. Since 2009 articles can be summarised into the ebook-on-Demand. Since 2000 appears the digital ebook at the on-line ebook market. Also the Internet competes with the classical ebook.

Economy of the e-book

When economic product looks, the ebook shows several specific features.

The use discloses to the buyer mostly only after the entire adoption
The product life cycle is unusually long
The ebooks which bump into no inquiry have no economic value
The whole expected inquiry amount must be (mostly taken on camp (today, nevertheless, restrictedly valid)
These specific features make the ebook a speculative economic property with high risks for the producer (publisher). As opposed to other media products refinanziert to itself the ebook as a rule only about a proceed spring, the sales revenue. As an advertising media the ebook plays only one minor part.

E-book kinds

Differentiation in contents
Old ebooks in the library of Merton college
Non-fiction ebooks:
Specialist ebook
School ebook
Black ebook, white paper
Belles-lettres (also: Fictional literature, earlier: Nice literature)
ebook of poems
Child ebooks and youth ebooks as well as picture ebooks
First mostly unique specimens:
Calculation ebook, cashebook – hence, also accountancy
Lab ebook
Artist’s ebook, ebook object
Differentiation in production kind
Bible from 1866
Bag ebook: Medieval special form. It can be carried like a bag and be fastened to the belt.
ebook-on-Demand: Digital pressure on inquiry; ebook made in small baptismal situation from a copy, any time other copies can be printed.
Broschur: Inner ebook with different kinds of the soft envelope, as a rule klebegebunden.
E-ebook (Electronic ebook): in different formats, electronically stored, partly only on screen readably, partly printable.
Facsimile: faithful stress of historical issues.
Hard cover: Firm ebook cover, klebegebunden or with Fadenheftung.
Audio ebook: Here authors or (more often) a narrator (sometimes several narrators in roles) read out the texts of a quite available ebook. Partial radio plays are also expelled, so in roles read or as a hearing piece worked on and interpreted versions under the name Audio ebook. Audio ebooks are sold on Audio-CDs/music cassettes or when computer-audiofiles and are spread. Partly there are them also about Podcasts mostly free of charge on the Internet.
Code (plural: Codes): ebook in the form known today (for opening). This form removed the scroll ruling till then in the early Middle Ages. The success of the code stands in narrow connection for the propagation of the Christianity.
Loose-leaf collection: Here singles, interchangeable sides in one or several folders (e.g., as a ring ebook, are not meant the colloquial use of loose-leaf collection which shows no ebook).
Miniature ebook: Very small ebook. Mostly in production size compressed reduced form of a great ebook. To make a distinction from the paperback by hard cover ebook cover.
Paperback: Provide with soft ebook cover and mostly with Klebebindung, earlier also thread connection.
Paperback: Compact ebook, mostly paperback, suitable to the transport.
Preferential issue: mostly for bibliophile made small part edition of a title in special equipment (ebook cover, paper, ebook decoration, illustrations)
Arrangement of ebooks

Title-page, imprint
Table of contents
Preface, Foreword, Conventions
Remarks. Comments. Proofs.
Lists, registers: Literature, things, index, people, places, pictures. Abbreviations, Siglen.
Pictures, posters. Documents.
Publishing company advertisement
Arrangement of ebook pages

Sentence mirror
Column, columns
Marginal note, remark, footnote, final mark, annotation, gloss
Head line, column title
Footing line
Pagina, side number
Material elements of the ebook
Turn the page of a ebook, here a paperback, a compact ebook with normally soft ebook cover
Today the ebook is, primarily, a utensil. That is the fact that the ebook Certain terms of utilisation is put out. The material must correspond to these. It should be durably, tear-proof, pliably, easily, aesthetically and a lot more. Some materials are performed here:

Paper: Not only the inner book, so the real text part, exists of paper. Also the whole intention exists of paper – indeed, from other types of paper than the text part. Also the text part can exist of the most different types of paper, here there are many favorable and also expensive variations. The paper determines therefore, among the rest, the price of a ebook. Which paper is chosen for a ebook, the ebook creator decides as a rule.
Cardboard: The ebook cover of a ebook exists as a rule of firm cardboard which is covered with different relation materials. Also the slipcase mostly exists of cardboard.
Relation material, for example, with fabric, linen, paper, leather or greaseproof paper.
Materials: For the capital tape or a reading ebooklet special tapes are produced, mostly of silk, and are dyed in different colours.
Colour: Not only the dust cover can be formed in colour, but also the ebook edge. These cut decorations serve not only for the adornment of the ebook, but also for the protection from influence of light and soiling.
Components of the ebook
An engaged inner ebook, still without ebook cover
The ebook must be movable, but be stable also. During the ebook production it goes through many processes, the individual parts are produced mostly apart and are joined, finally.

The inner ebook with his printed sides is connected by the intention with the ebook cover. Besides, an intention is in each case on the upper and lower side of the inner ebook. These are connected by gauze and glue with the spine as well as by the mirror with the binding. Around the binding the relation material lies down. Together these elements prove the ebook cover. The outwardly “hinged” elements of the ebook cover are called lid, with engaged ebooks, often also hard cover called, one more dust cover is laid around the ebook cover. Three edges of the inner ebook in which one can open the ebook are called head (on top), front and lower cut. An in colour formed cut has cut decorations. The coloured ebooklet on top and below in the spine is called capital tape, the ebookmark – on top in the spine fastened – is called reading ebooklet.

Ebook creation

The whole appearance, the construction and the materials of the ebook is conceived by the ebook creation. It is carried out as a rule by a ebook creator, artist and/or typographers. Beside writing, prelims, Pagina, type of paper, reading ebooklet and capital tape the ebook cover is also formed – the job most important presumably today: The ebook cover must make curious, be exciting and attract the attention to itself. The ebook cover should invite the potential reader to the purchase or rental company.

The various

The Bible is the most-printed and farthest widespread ebook of the world. Whole translations exist into 451 languages and part translations into other 2479 languages.
The phrase a ebook should whip, hence come that earlier all ebooks with a buckle were closed to hold the sides smooth. For opening it was necessary to hit with the level hand on the ebook to be able to open the buckle.
The smallest ebook of the world comes from the Leipzig publishing company of Faber & Faber. With from 2.4 to 2.9 millimetres it is comparatively as big as a match head. 32 sides are printed with letter pictures in the offset and in manual labour leather-engaged.
In 2004 the car manufacturer brought out Mazda an illustrated ebook with the probably biggest format of the world: 3.07 m ? 3.42 m.
The Internet group of Google estimates that there are about 130 millions different ebooks in the world in August, 2010, however, puts away that this is also a question of the definition.
To the most valuable and teurersten ebooks count among other things of the Codex Manesse which had to be insured in the course of an exhibition 2006 for 50 million euros. The Evangeliar Heinrichs of the lion was auctioned on the 6th of December, 1983 in the London auctioneers Sotheby’s for 32.5 million Deutsche Marks. A work of John James Audubons Birds of America, a registration issue, achieved at a Christie’s auction in 2000 the record-laden price of more than 8.8 million US dollars. A first edition of the ebook De revolutionibus orbium coelestium from 1543 of Nicholas Kopernikus achieved in 2008 during an auction with Christie’s in New York 2.2 million US dollars.
Linen book
Sibylline books
Concepts with the prefix “Biblio-”

Bibliograph: Somebody works on to one bibliography or puts together
Bibliography: Reference ebook of literature tips
Bibliographical institute: In 1826 in Gotha founded publishing house (in the meantime, merges with Brockhaus)
Bibliomania: carried too far, manic bibliophily, for example, in the form of an unsteered collective fury of the Bibliomanen
Bibliometry: quantitative investigation of publications under the aspect of frequency signs and relations; branch of the Szientometrie
Bibliophily: ebook hobby (employment with clarify particularly, to old or special ebooks)
Library: after certain principles regular collections of ebooks and other publication forms as well as a library construction in which these are accommodated (see also library type and librarianship).
Librarian: Employee in a library
Library delivery: The share in profits which is delivered by libraries to the utilisation societies.
Library science: Scientific discipline of the function and organisation of libraries and librarianship
Bibliotherapie: the psychotherapeutic method with which the reading of ebooks should contribute to the healing; also ebook preservation